Peter Farr

Is the Chief Mastering Engineer at PrismaPhonic.  He has done high quality Mixing and Mastering work for established electronic musicians and record labels in the bay area.


Starting out as an electronic musician himself, Peter understands the impact and spacial style of modern electronic music.  He uses a variety of sonic tools to enhance clarity and shape the warmth and dynamics of a recording, delivering a strong emotional impact that will leave your fans dancing with a new-found connection to your music.


Peter has a deep passion for Mastering and finds joy in enhancing other artists music.  His process is intensely focused on enhancing the emotional impact of music, and ensuring that your music is received well by listeners in all kinds of environments, from car stereos and headphones, to large sound systems at music festivals.  Your music will always translate well after it leaves PrismaPhonic.


Our Passion

We have a serious passion for audio.  At PrismaPhonic, Peter understands that music and emotion go hand in hand.  There’s no “perfect” tonal balance, and decisions are often made by mixing engineers to enhance the vibe and emotional intentions of a piece of music.

We keep that in mind at PrismaPhonic, and strive to ensure optimal balance, clarity, and warmth while keeping the musical intentions of your project in mind throughout the entire process.

When your music leaves PrismaPhonic, it will not only be enhanced auditory, but it will exhibit the emotions intended by your music, allowing your fans to connect with your music in the way you intended them to.

Whether you are a famous world class musician, or a budding producer just starting out, every project that comes through our door will be treated with the utmost care and respect.  Your music will leave PrismaPhonic in a professional quality, ready to be enjoyed by countless friends, family, and fans.