Analog Mastering: $45 per Song (10 Day Turnaround)


Mastering through a quality Analog Mastering Chain in a treated room with high quality Mastering Monitors.

Includes infinite revisions at no extra cost.

Includes free mixdown consultation.

Includes 24 bit and 16 bit Masters.

ISRC and CD-TEXT Embedding (Must provide ISRC to Mastering Facility if you’d like us to embed them in your WAVES)

Indefinite secure archival of 24 bit Masters at PrismaPhonic Facilities.



DDP Image for Accurate CD Printing: $25


When you want to print your CD, it is essential to send an error checked and properly assembled DDP image to the CD printing facility.  At PrismaPhonic we use specialized software to create seamless transitions between songs on your release and deliver an error checked DDP image so your CDs are bit for bit accurate when they are delivered from the printing facility.